CBD Dosierung

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CBD is one completely natural substance and, according to WHO, represents one perfectly safe addition when it comes to the„right one“ Dosage works, the experts are still arguing.


The book Healing with CBD by Leonard Leinow and Juliana Birnbaum containst helpful tips and tricks all about CBD for beginners and advanced users.

Adjacent table can serve as a guide for the dose but don't forget to always listen to the dose Reactions of your body !

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get inspired

Keep your ups and downs using our "diary table". So you can clearly see which moments are special Great and repeat them as often as possible.

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For your pets, there are generally somewhat different intake recommendations. If your darling is not used to CBD yet, you are welcome to take our into account Titration table introduce you to the wonderful world of hemp.

As always: watch out for them Your pet's reactions and adjust the dose if necessary.