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Pure nature with the king plant

From cultivation to harvest: we will show you in detail how CBD is made from the king plant.

Natural miracle

Cannabidiol ( CBD ) Oil is a natural , non-psychoactive concentrate that comes from the Stems and Seeds of cannabis plants such as hemp. Decades of research show that CBD , one of over 100 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, with the body's own Endocannabinoid system interacts.
The endocannabinoid system is a complex network that includes a multitude of biological processes such as inflammatory reactions, pain perception, relaxation, mood, sleep, metabolism and appetite regulated .

As Cannabinoid supported CBD the balance in the body's own network the positive The effect of CBD has long been known and is constantly being advanced by science examined . This is primarily about that origin and Manufacturing of CBD oil and what steps are involved before it is finished Natural product is on your shelf.

Plants high in CBD with low THC
The first step in making CBD Oil consists in plants to cultivate and harvest the particularly high Concentrations have CBD. CBD oil is made from those Cannabis strains won by nature from plentiful CBD and little Tetrahydrocannabinol Contain (THC); the latter substance is for the familiar„High“ responsible.

Most CBD oils are derived from hemp rather than other strains of the cannabis plant, as it is naturally high CBD concentrations cares. The Cannabinoid content however, it can be strong even with different types of hemp vary: those used to producefeel. CBD oil used sorts show one above average high content of CBD . Be for efficient harvests typically Combine harvester used.

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CBD statistics

85 Cannabinoids from the hemp plant

€ 353.7 in millions: CBD market worldwide *

31.9% Growth until 2027 **

(* Source: shorturl.at/fjBH3
** Source: shorturl.at/gjEI0)

by feel.
Completely chemical-free production

Once the plants harvested are, they are prepared for the Extraction process in front. There are numerous Extraction methods with which the essential oils and Drug compounds separated from the stems and seeds of the hemp plant and processed can be. in the Ideal case manufacturers use the supercritical Carbon dioxide method (CO2), which is non-toxic liquid CO2 as solvent is used.

The supercritical CO2 extraction belongs to the safest Extraction processes worldwide and is also used extensively in other areas of the food industry. Allfeel. CBD oils are produced using this method.

CO2 extraction

To all you want Substances to extract, the solvent is ground through the Plant matter pressed. This makes CBD, essential oils , Lipids and other components separated. The solvent then becomes from the end product away and what's left is a of Naturally on CBD rich Hemp oil .

Quality management

While Test standards vary between manufacturers, our CBD oil is carefully checked before being sold security and Cannabinoid content checked. Experienced experts check the hemp oil degradation and Impurities to be a constant high quality To be able to offer product.

Most CBD oils ultimately will too decarboxylated : This is a Heat process The cannabinoids are easily converted into one by the human body absorbent Transformed form. Decarboxylated cannabinoids can be used immediately with the Cannabinoid receptors of
Endocannabinoid system to interact.

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