CBD: Nebenwirkungen?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring substance in the hemp plant, one since Millennia for their numerous Advantages of the well-known useful plant that it recently returned to„vogue“ has achieved. Today, the many potential benefits of CBD are being studied, tested, and validated all over the world.

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You see more and more people at the Ingestion of CBD, be it during exercise or in the office because it none causes psychoactive effects, one benefits from the beneficial one, so to speak effect of hemp while keeping one clear, cool Head. Some even claim that the consumption of hemp is in his many Forms no side effects can be assigned.

Well, that doesn't necessarily have to be true everything can cause side effects; what mostly matters is that combination selected foods, beverages or natural medicines that in their entirety are negative Consequences can evoke in the individual. So how does that look at CBD out?

What does"side effect"mean?

In short, face side effects unwanted Consequences of taking / using different agents. Be it for increased Blood pressure or for the intestinal flora as soon as you get too external Substances takes place, changes in the body take place (automatically).

However, due to the complexity of the human body, it is difficult for medicine and science targeted changes only to implement in humans: the processes resulting from this process through the desired changes are called Side effects . For example, you could have a Sleeping pill take on difficult nights and ultimately good sleep through the night ; unwanted consequences: fatigue the next day and dry mouth. 

Now that that's clear, let's get one short Look at CBD and its potential Interactions throw:

CBD and vascular relaxation

CBD is ingested for a variety of reasons - it has recently been found that CBD can help with Vascular relaxation of the vascular system plays an important role, whereby it can bring about a reduction in high blood pressure [Jadoon et al] On the one hand, this effect can be very beneficial if you should suffer from high blood pressure.

On the other hand, this effect occurs even with normal blood pressure, which may lead to am unwanted drop in blood pressure if you take CBD regularly. This is not dangerous, but should of course always be kept in mind when using CBD for a long time.

CBD and medication

A brief overview of the body's absorption of CBD: as soon as CBD enters the body, it is carried on to the liver, where it is transported through the complex Enzyme CYP450 is processed. This enzyme plays an essential role in the processing of almost all ingested substances and is therefore extremely important for your well-being. Curiously, this enzyme can do its job unexpected influences get out of whack– so many are already aware that Grapefruit should not be consumed with constant use of medication, as it contains structures similar to the enzyme CYP450 which can occasionally trick the body and cause it to stop producing CYP450.

If you don't have enough CYP450, you can take some Medicines are sometimes not processed– this may lead to a compensation dose due to the lack of effect. You already have an overdose, which of course is associated with considerable complications. The same effect also occurs when taking CBD, whereby the body confuses CBD with CYP450 and can become unbalanced as a result. However, many studies, especially those by Bailey et al., Found that the CBD-CYP450 effect is nowhere near that of grapefruit. In concrete terms: the above scenario is only conceivable if you consume tons of CBD with a simultaneous, significant medication plan (we always refer to ourn Disclaimer of liability - the contents described here do not replace a doctor's visit or consultation with a pharmacist)

CBD and - zzzzzz - sleep

CBD, like THC, is considered by many people to be natural supplement Taken for insomnia and anxiety. The presumed effect in these conditions is based on the interaction between CBD and the hormonal balance at the brain level. As soon as the CB1 receptor is targeted, it shakes out melatonin, the so-called sleep hormone..

This makes the logical assumption that you should feel sleepy immediately after taking CBD, but it's a bit more complicated than that. An important study by Rodriguez et al. found that the impact of CBD on your sleepiness was significantly dependent on the time of ingestion. The experiment found that one actually felt more alert and fitter if CBD was taken at a typical time of alertness, such as during physical activities. But if you should take CBD in the evening, for example, when the body shuts down for the day, then thee opposite effect found: one felt able to fall asleep and stay asleep much faster.

A fascinating result that shows the different effects of CBD depending on the time of ingestion: if you take it during the day, for example, you usually feel more alert and active, and taking it at night has a calming, sedating effect . CBD has a holistic effect and science is currently being exploredein broad potential– it is best to contact a doctor and / or pharmacist if you have any questions about the intake and simply listen to your bodyn„