Häufig gestellte Fragen (FAQ)


Everything to do with shipping - really cool: we only deliver within Germany for a limited time free shipping !

The delivery time depends on various factors from: the place of the delivery address, current logistics situation, internal processing time and shipping method. As a rule, parcels are delivered in Germany within  2-3 working days delivered.

Yes! Usually we can go into that most countries worldwide deliver. Please note:

a) for countries outside the EU Customs duties for which the customer is solely responsible.

b) The delivery to some countries can unfortunately due to the respective Legal situation on hemp oils and CBD products Not respectively. We encourage you to research it before buying.

c) At uninsured We are responsible for shipping by no means in case of loss or damage; at the checkout / shipping cost calculator you will get the corresponding shipping rates displayed.

This depends usually from the destination country from; our most frequent go-to partners are Deutsche Post and DHL.

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the Naturally occurring components of the Hemp plant . It's a non-toxic one Cannabinoid which is used effectively for a wide range of ailments. CBD is just one of the many Phytocannabinoids that can be found in hemp. You can find more information about CBDhere .

feel. CBD products serve Not to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure diseases. Many of our customers report on positive results concerning Well-being, vitality, energy and pain perception, as well as through the use of CBD sporty Activities. More about the CBD application.

Atfeel. numerous customers rely on our CBD products Anxiety to counteract. Anecdotal reports and scientific studies support the belief that CBD contributes Anxiety and stress could be helpful. A warranty there is of course no treatment, prevention or cure.

At CBD it is a dietary supplement every human being reacts differently on taking natural substances . In the event of illness, you should always turn to doctors and pharmacists first.More about the CBD effect.

We are proud of the origin our brand and that with it connected lifestyle .

All the Cannabinoids our articles come from organic and controlled hemp cultivation in the European Union, namely in Austria , a country known for its CBD quality. Our CBD oils are produced without the addition of any chemicals (pesticides, GMOs and Co.) and ensure this maximum purity. More about feel.  CBD.

Refund warranty

We offer one on almost all products unconditional money-back guarantee within 30 days from the delivery date. I.e., you should be with your Product not satisfied after successful return within this period, the full purchase amount refunded.

This does not apply to international shipments, selected items as part of a discount campaign and gift vouchers.

Is the return free of charge?

We'll do it immediate costs of your return within Germany. For international shipments you can additional Charges apply, which vary from country to country.

To ask?

We are at your disposal at any time by emailkontakt@feel-cbd.de or through ourcontact form.