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What is CBD?

Learn more about that magical Cannabinoid from the hemp plant.

CBD production

From harvest to bottling: completely chemical-free production - by feel.

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About cannabinoids

Cannabinoids don't just contain the ubiquitous CBD - learn more about all of the from Hemp plant natural substances.

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CBD dosage

To this day, the experts argue about CBD dosage; we will show you how to use them for You find out the correct intake.

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CBD storage and mhd

If stored correctly, hemp oils stay pretty much Long edible. We'll show you what to look out for.

CBD and side effects?

Can a natural substance like CBD be drug-like? Side effects Here we clarify about the latest scientific findings in the area..

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Targeted use:CBD isolate

The purest The form of CBD is contained in the products, made exclusively from the isolated plant compound Cannabidiol consist .

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Our products

Find the right CBD oil for you or your pet. Take a look at our premium selection.