feel. CBD MCT Öl 15% - 10ml
feel. CBD MCT Öl 15% - 10ml
feel. CBD MCT Öl 15% - 10ml
feel. CBD MCT Öl 15% - 10ml
feel. CBD MCT Öl 15% - 10ml
feel. CBD MCT Öl 15% - 10ml
feel. CBD MCT Öl 15% - 10ml
feel. CBD MCT Öl 15% - 10ml
feel. CBD MCT Öl 15% - 10ml
feel. CBD MCT Öl 15% - 10ml
feel. CBD MCT Öl 15% - 10ml
feel. CBD MCT Öl 15% - 10ml
Feel. CBD

feel. CBD MCT Öl 15% - 10ml

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MCT + CBD=The Unparalleled Combo

Natural double trouble for body and soul

If you want more Natural power than wish with pure CBD

15% CBD with MCT as a carrier oil

Approx. 250 Drops with 1500mg cannabidiol

feel. coconuts

MCT (MCT = medium chain triglycerides) are fats with fatty acids of medium chain length (610 carbon atoms). Compared to the usual Food fats with long chain fatty acids (LCT = long chain triglycerides, & gt; 10 carbon atoms) make them faster split, absorbed and transported directly to the liver via the portal vein.

The combination with CBD results in one synergetic Interaction, i.e. both oils together increase the mutual effect compared to taking them alone. So if you're already a fan of CBD then you will love the combo!

feel. the origin
Co2 extraction

Under certain pressure and temperature, CO2 can act like a solvent, thereby producing the desired secondary active ingredients of the hemp plant can extract. In contrast to the solvent, however, it harbors no dangers and is therefore considered to be the safest and most effective Method for CBD oil extraction.

This ensures that the feel. CBD oil all essential phytocannabinoids (CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBC, CBDV, T-CBD), terpenes, Omega-3 / Omega -6 fatty acids, vitamins and nutrients are included.

feel.-ing nature

feel. CBD oils are made exclusively from Hemp varieties that especially rich of cannabidiol are made. Everyone wins feel. CBD oil is particularly gentle thanks to the so-called supercritical CO2 extraction using pressurized carbon dioxide.

feel.-ing tropical
Tropical origin

MCT oil added to the CBD is made from exquisite tropical Obtained coconuts and palm trees. Paired with ultra-pure Austrian hemp , with our creation you are ideally positioned to master your everyday life successfully.

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Pure hemp essence

Also in the production process of our CBD + MCT oil we deliberately do without:

Genetic engineering , Chemicals, hormones, parabens, Preservatives and colorants

The result is ultra-pure Hemp essence with a natural double effect

feel. good

10ml Bottle with 15%
CBD proportion of (1500mg)
Approx. 250 Drops (10ml); in 1 drop there are approx. 7.5mg cannabidiol
Premium CBD isolate with pure ingredients
Natural terpenes,
 Vitamins, Omega-3 / Omega-6 fatty acids and micronutrients
Suitable for Micro and standard dosing
from organic hemp cultivation in the European Union
Laboratory tested
Gluten free , Parabens , Chemicals, hormones, preservatives and coloring agents
For one vegan diet suitable
With included Titration table


3 times a day 1-5 drops directly under the Give tongue and hold for 60-90 seconds; swallow afterwards. The standard dosage is 10-100mg cannabidiol per day (in 1 drop there are about 7.5mg CBD).

For best results, we recommend both a slow approach and a gradual increase in intake up to personal Optimal dose, as well as consumption for at least 30 days.

content : 1500mg CBD per 10ml

Hemp extract, MCT oil, CBD isolate, CBD (15%)


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